Introducing Prosaic

While there are many ways to start a blog, it seems like you must choose between the struggle of an overly flexible system or the uniformity of a streamlined platform. At Prosaic, we believe that you shouldn't need to give up control in order to easily create a personal weblog.

When Ghost was announced on Kickstarter in 2013, they looked at the evolution of WordPress and saw the need to create something that was "just a blogging platform." And while the first version was focused on small bloggers, today the product has evolved to meet the growing needs of managing large online newsrooms.

We are inspired by the original ideas and promises of Ghost, with its clear prioritization of content editing. What could its evolution look like if it had instead stayed focused on the needs of small, independent bloggers?

So we are starting with an MVP that allows you to quickly create a blog by simply writing some markdown and hitting publish. We designed the editor to feel more like a note-taking app than a traditional content management system because we want to provide a more personal writing experience, something similar to the original interface of Ghost. We choose to use markdown because it allows for powerful formatting without adding too much complexity, and it is popular among bloggers and writing applications.

  • It’s a paid service ($5/month), you are not the product
  • We don't try to put our branding on your personal blog
  • You own your content and should be able to easily export it (or your entire blog) from our service at any time